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"I became an artist, because it was the only thing that made sense. I became a clown because nothing makes sense."

O’Ryan "the O’Mazing" Arrowroot is an artist, a clown, a father, and an anxious mess. At 17, he left the farm in West Virginia where he was born and raised, and he began to travel wherever the whim would take him.

O'Ryan has performed everywhere from orphanages and refugee camps, to auditoriums and banquet halls, and he still gets nervous about it.

He created the character, O'Ryan the O'Mazing, as a direct result of learning to cope with anxiety, fear, and failure, and now uses it as a tool to inspire, uplift, and entertain others.

O'Ryan spends his time playing, traveling, performing, and teaching for an amazing spectrum of children and adults alike, and he enjoys every minute of it.



Weird Eric does Balloons, Magic, Escape Rooms, D&D, and Summer Camps, and its all weird


the PCAC is a collaborative of amazing performers, specializing in weddings, festivals, and special events


Dave English is a master puppeteer, educator, artist, and performer with a style and charm like no other.


Lindsay Surmacs delivers educational circus experiences about the stars above for all ages.

Pittsburgh's premier circus school specializing in aerial arts.
They do shows too!

Looking for something a little more shocking? These scary clowns deliver the real deal!

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