Add some some high-brow entertainment to your event with stiltwalking! 

O'Ryan plays a variety of characters in a wide range of costumes to cater to any environment. 

A fancy masquerade greeter at the door? A wandering tall man juggling and giving out the highest fives to the kids? A walking tree blending into the scenery only to come alive and wow the onlookers? Dancing Uncle Sam? A walking, glowing, LED juggling spectacle?

O'Ryan the O'Mazing can do it all!


It’s that time of year! Book me as Tinkl

Clowning around at PNC Park on Saturday

A Handsome Devil_._._

Photo by Clifton Loosier

Photo by Robert Lee Bailey

Tree Suit!!!

This is my zoo face in case you were won

Anarchist Uncle Sam!


For Booking

O'Ryan McGowan-Arrowroot

Photo by Clifton Loosier