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In addition to his stage show, O’Ryan also teaches clown workshops. In these hour-long classes, kids get to meet the performer in class sized groups and try many of the tricks they have witnessed on stage like plate spinning and juggling. They also get to play with characters, improvisation, and classic clowning all in the context of building healthy coping mechanisms and embracing their own unique identity through play.

Clowning with Identity
This curriculum was developed during O'Ryan's 2019 FINE artist residency at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.
Focusing on personal identity and self acceptance, this workshop uses the fundamentals of clowning and physical theater to help each child unlock their own unique sense of character. 
Students explore their emotions, their identity, and their problems by becoming a clown for an hour, and tackling failure head on.
Games, exercises, and arts and crafts all go into making this workshop a unique and empowering experience for children of all ages.

Circus Class
Students learn the basics of juggling, balancing, stilt walking, partner acrobatics, and improvisational physical theater in these classes.
Circus arts are a wonderful way to increase motor skills while having fun, working as a team, and building a discipline of practice. Games and exercises teach focus and strength, while helping students to embrace their inner clown! 
O'Ryan is currently available to book school day workshops, gym class visits, summer camp programs,  ongoing afterschool programs, and corporate team building workshops. These classes always cater to different ages, abilities, and interests. 

Learn To Juggle
"I could never do that!" 
Never say never! In one hour O'Ryan can teach any able-bodied adult to juggle three objects. 
Learning the basic steps is easy, its the practice that is hard. Juggling workshops are a great addition to corporate retreats, work parties, and group activities. You might even surprise yourself!

O'Ryan teaches Clowning and Circus Arts Classes at multiple schools and institutions around the Pittsburgh area including Iron City Circus Arts, Winchester Thurston Academy, Falk Laboratory School, the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

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