O’Ryan the O’Mazing’s Fantabulous Juggling Show is an anxiously eccentric circus experience, and it could very easily be the best juggling show ever…if it weren't for all of the problems.

O'Ryan confronts the realities of living with anxiety and dealing with failure through a lovable, if often erratic, clown character. And don't worry, he's painfully aware of the ever present fear of clowns, and that makes him anxious, too.

For audiences of all ages that have struggled to overcome obstacles, put their shoes on the right feet, or stand on top of a rolla-bolla while juggling razor sharp knives!

   O'Ryan's quick-witted humor, juggling prowess, and audience participation might not cure your anxiety, but it will get you to clap, gasp, and laugh at the follies we all face and might just give you some healthy coping mechanisms along the way.


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